Monday 30 July 2018 / 9:11 PM Andrew Gwynne / Local Government

Northamptonshire was allowed to fail – Andrew Gwynne

Andrew Gwynne MP, Labour’s Shadow Communities Secretary, responding to news that attempts to warn Northamptonshire County Council that it was in a ‘significant financial crisis’ were ignored by leaders 3 years ago, said:

“Northamptonshire was allowed to fail through poor local leadership, and devastating cuts from central government.

“There were deeply worrying reports for a number of years that the council was failing in its duty to local people, but these warnings were ignored as the Tories have their heads in the ideological sand of austerity. Now local people will be forced to pay for this mistake as libraries are closed, bus services are cut, and protection for vulnerable children is stripped away.

“The Conservatives’ extreme ideology is pushing local government to the brink. The next Labour Government will fund councils fairly and deal with the country’s chronic social care crisis.”