Friday 30 November 2018 / 2:22 PM Andy McDonald / Transport

This has been a painful year for rail passengers – Andy McDonald

Andy McDonald MP, Labour’s Shadow Transport Secretary, responding to the news that from January 2019 train fares will increase on average by 3.1%, said:

“This has been a painful year for rail passengers. With little prospect of improvements in 2019 this latest above inflation fares rise will be felt even more deeply than usual. These increases show a Government and rail industry out of touch with passenger concerns.

“With fuel duty frozen over the last 8 years while bus and rail fares have been allowed to soar, it’s difficult not to conclude that this Government is anti-public transport.

“Chris Grayling has presided over a disastrous loss of public faith in the railway. The Government should have limited the fare rise to the Consumer Price Index to prevent fares rising in real terms and made responsible train companies freeze fares on routes affected by the timetabling chaos.

“The UK rail fares system is among the most expensive and complicated in the world. Meaningful reform is impossible under the current structure supported by the Conservatives. Only Labour’s plans for public ownership of rail can deliver a simpler, fairer and more affordable fare system.”