Wednesday 1 May 2019 / 5:52 PM Ian Lavery

Peterborough recall petition succeeds – Ian Lavery responds

Ian Lavery MP, Labour Party Chair, responding to the success of the Peterborough recall petition, said:


“Labour campaigned hard for a victory in this recall petition. The people of Peterborough clearly agree that Fiona Onasanya is not fit to be their MP and we’re delighted they will now have the chance to vote for a Labour MP in our excellent candidate, Lisa Forbes. Labour will move the writ tomorrow.

“Labour will vigorously fight the by-election here in Peterborough.

“The voters of Peterborough will have a stark choice: between the Tories who have cut police numbers while crime is rising, or Labour who will put more bobbies on the beat and cut crime; the Conservatives who are destroying our NHS, or Labour who will provide the doctors and nurses local hospitals in the region desperately need.

“And voters will have the choice between a Labour Party which will invest to create high skilled, well paid jobs, or the Tory policies that have left too many people here in Peterborough striving but barely surviving.”



Notes to editors

Immediately after she was convicted, the Labour Party suspended Fiona and called on her to resign. She was then expelled from the Labour Party so she is no longer a Labour MP. The local Labour Party has actively supported voters in the recall petition campaign.