Monday 28 January 2019 / 7:08 PM Jon Trickett / Outsourcing

Private contractors should be FOI-able – Jon Trickett

Jon Trickett MP, Labour’s Shadow Cabinet Minister for the Cabinet Office, commenting on the ICO recommendation that private contractors to the government should be FOI-able, said:

“Under the Tories, the dice have been loaded in favour of large outsourcing companies, which operate with little accountability or public responsibility.

“When this happens, disasters like the collapse of Carillion become much more likely and the impact on employees and small business is much more severe.

“Public services should be fully accountable to the people that use them – regardless of whether they’re delivered by the public sector or by private companies.

“The next Labour government will extend the Freedom of Information Act to private companies that run public services, so we welcome this valuable recommendation by the Information Commissioner’s Office.”