Friday 27 July 2018 / 2:02 PM John McDonnell / Justice

Probation scandal shows Grayling must never be let near a government department again

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has called for accident prone Tory minister Chris Grayling to be ousted as Transport Secretary.

John McDonnell MP said that Theresa May must sack Grayling and bar him from ever holding ministerial office again.

The Shadow Chancellor’s call for Grayling’s removal came after it emerged that disastrous reforms brought in by the Tory minister during his tenure as Justice Secretary had forced the Government to bail out failing private probation companies by more than half a billion pounds.

Grayling, who has been a minister since the Tories came to power in 2010 and a Cabinet member since 2012, has presided over a series of mishaps in government.


John McDonnell MP said:

“Chris Grayling’s disastrous decision to privatise the probation services has left taxpayers with a bill of over half a billion pounds.

“That’s money that could and should have been used to tackle NHS waiting lists, support cash starved schools and fund care for the elderly and vulnerable.

“As someone who has served as a minster since the Tories came to power in May 2010, Grayling epitomises the incompetence and financial mismanagement of this government.

“By presiding over a series of disasters in different ministerial departments, Grayling has clearly demonstrated that he and the Tories are unfit for office.

“It beggars belief that Grayling remains in charge of the UK’s transport system after such an abysmal record of failure.

“Labour is calling not only for him to be sacked but for him never allowed near a government department again.”