Thursday 13 May 2021 / 12:39 PM Crime / Peter Kyle

Proportion of criminal cases collapsing due to victim issues reaches all-time high

According to new statistics released today, the proportion of criminal cases failing due to victims dropping out of the process has reached 26.4%. This is the highest point on record, trebling since 2015.

This comes as the Government has refused to implement Labour’s Victims Bill. It has repeatedly promised to introduce a Victims Law, but despite announcing such a bill in several Queen’s Speeches (including the most recent speech), no formal proposals have been published.

Responding to the statistics, Peter Kyle MP, Labour’s Shadow Victims and Youth Justice Minister, said:

“Victims should be at the heart of our criminal justice system. Yet faced with a lack of enforceable rights and delays of several years until their case comes to trial, they are increasingly choosing to drop out of the process altogether – allowing perpetrators to go free.

“The Tories are failing in their core duty to protect victims, and to keep the public safe.”