Monday 1 October 2018 / 9:13 AM Brexit / Paul Blomfield

Raab is in denial

Paul Blomfield MP, Labour’s Shadow Brexit Minister, commenting ahead of Dominic Raab’s speech to Conservative Party conference, said:

“Dominic Raab is in denial. His approach is dogmatic, not pragmatic.

“The Chequers’ proposals have been rejected by his own party and by the EU. Chequers cannot command support at Conservative Conference, let alone in Parliament or across the country.

“Labour has offered to work with the Conservatives in the national interest if the Brexit deal meets our six tests. That means committing to a customs union, a strong single market deal and guaranteeing rights and protections. However, the Tories’ refusal to work with Labour is putting jobs and the economy at risk from a no deal Brexit. 

“This is further proof Theresa May is failing on Brexit and failing the country too.”