Saturday 14 January 2017 / 8:55 AM 2017 Press Archive / The Latest from Labour

Rather that pointing the finger at others, Theresa May needs to take responsibility herself – Jon Ashworth

Ashworth MP, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary
, responding to Theresa May’s comments on GP opening
hours, said:

Ministers blamed patients, then Theresa May blamed the NHS England Boss Simon
Stevens and now she is blaming family doctors.

“Rather that pointing the finger at others, she needs to take responsibility

“Instead she tries to tell the British people that the NHS crisis is nothing
more than just a ‘small number of incidents where unacceptable practises have
taken place’. Patients, their families and hardworking over stretched NHS staff
will be shocked at the Prime Minister’s casual dismissal of the realities of
what’s happening on the ground.

“She now proposes something Tories have been promising, but failing to deliver,
for 6 years. But we need a serious plan not more broken promises. Over 6 years
it has gotten harder to see a GP.

“She has supported £4.6 billion of cuts to social care, refused to offer any
help for social care in the Autumn Statement and even today stubbornly
dismissed pleas to bring forward £700 million of social care cash.

“Theresa May’s response to this crisis has been dismissive, incompetent and
floundering. Patients deserve better.”