Tuesday 6 March 2018 / 5:19 PM Energy / Rebecca Long Bailey

Rebecca Long-Bailey comments on Domestic Gas and Electricity Bill

Rebecca Long-Bailey MP, Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary, commenting Second Reading of the Domestic Gas and Electricity (tariff cap) bill, said;

“Although we support the principle of this Bill, it will do little to comfort customers facing price hikes now after Government delays.

“The recent cold weather has shown the need for urgent action on energy bills. The Government promised action yet costs are still spiralling and four million households live in fuel poverty.

“A price cap is simply a temporary sticking plaster and the Government must realise that they need to do much more to fix our broken energy market.

“Labour will introduce an emergency price cap but more importantly radically reform our energy market by creating publicly owned energy companies in every region and bringing energy networks back into public hands.”