Wednesday 13 November 2019 / 1:59 PM Brexit / Environment / Rebecca Long Bailey

Rebecca Long Bailey responds to Boris Johnson’s claim that Brexit will create a “green energy revolution”

Commenting on Boris Johnson’s claims that Brexit will create a “green energy revolution” Rebecca Long Bailey, Shadow Business Secretary, said:

“There is no greater threat to the car industry than a Tory government. Boris Johnson’s claims are absurd given that the Conservatives’ handling of Brexit is already scuppering the UK’s automotive industry.

“Only today Tesla has announced that it won’t be building a gigafactory in the UK because of Johnson’s ‘risky’ sell-out Brexit. Honda and Ford have already announced plant closures and both Nissan and Vauxhall have warned that the introduction of tariffs would jeopardise their European production.

“Labour will support our car industry and workers by creating thousands of new jobs, boosting electric car sales and tackling the climate emergency. This is the real change Britain needs.”