Friday 11 May 2018 / 11:08 AM Justice / Richard Burgon

Richard Burgon comments on upcoming parliamentary debate on Grenfell

Richard Burgon MP, Shadow Justice Secretary, ahead of Monday’s parliamentary debate that resulted from 150,000 people signing a public petition on the need for a Grenfell Inquiry Panel, said:

“For the Grenfell Inquiry to deliver truth and justice, Grenfell residents must have full confidence in it. To help tackle the obvious current lack of trust, survivors and bereaved family members have called for an independent and impartial decision-making panel with the expertise and experience needed to support the Inquiry.

“Ahead of Monday’s parliamentary debate on the Grenfell Inquiry, the Prime Minister should do the right thing and use her powers under the Inquiries Act to deliver such a panel. The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry, which marked a watershed in uncovering institutional racism, had a similar type of panel.

“If the PM does not do the right thing and set up such a panel, then Labour will ensure that there is a vote on this in parliament next week.”