Monday 10 April 2017 / 2:54 PM 2017 Press Archive / The Latest from Labour

Richard Burgon response to Court of Appeal ruling on unlawfulness of certain cuts to legal aid for prisoners

Burgon MP,

Labour’s Shadow of Secretary State for Justice, responding to the Court
of Appeal ruling on the unlawfulness of certain cuts to legal aid for
prisoners, said:

Tory Government has got it wrong on prisons yet again.

prison service must be fit for purpose. That means a focus on rehabilitation
and keeping us all safe. Having a proper system for legal advice for prisoners
is an important part of the mix – only when prisons run efficiently can the
public have confidence.

Tories promised a rehabilitation revolution, but have failed to reduce
reoffending because prisons are violent, overcrowded and understaffed.

why Labour have tabled an amendment to the Prison and Courts Bill designed to
improve the necessary legal advice available in prisons.

is part of a wider picture of access to justice denied under this Tory
Government. Their legal aid cuts across the board and Employment Tribunal Fees
have blocked access to justice for ordinary people the length and bread of the