Monday 13 March 2017 / 1:12 PM 2017 Press Archive / The Latest from Labour

Scotland is already divided enough – Dugdale

to Nicola Sturgeon’s speech this morning, Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale

“Scotland is already divided enough. We do not want to be divided again, but
that is exactly what another independence referendum would do.

“Two years ago, 85 per cent of Scotland’s voters took part in the independence
referendum and the result was a clear vote to remain in the UK.

“With our country facing all of the uncertainty around the Tories’ reckless
plans for a hard Brexit, the last thing we need is even more uncertainty and

“A clear majority of the people of Scotland voted to reject the SNP’s false
hope and lies, and backed working together with the other nations of the UK.

“The reality is that leaving the UK would mean turbo-charged austerity for
Scotland, putting the future of our schools and hospitals at risk.

“Labour believes that together we’re stronger. That is why we firmly oppose a
second referendum and Scottish Labour MSPs will vote against the SNP’s
proposals next week. We will stand up for the people of Scotland, who do not
want a second independence referendum.

"Nicola Sturgeon could have made a passionate case for bringing powers
from Brussels to Edinburgh, instead she did what she always does: sought
grievance and division.

“Scotland deserves better than this. Nicola Sturgeon’s government is presiding
over an education system with a growing gap between the richest and the rest, a
health service that doesn’t have enough doctors and nurses, and an economy
which sees more than 200,000 Scottish children live in poverty.

“Scotland would be a better place if the First Minister stopped dividing the
country and started actually governing the country.”