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Staggering that Grayling thinks the growing revolving door scandal around HS2 is ‘not a massive issue’ – McDonald

McDonald MP, Labour’s Shadow Transport Secretary,
commenting on
the Government’s refusal to set up an inquiry into the cancellation of HS2
Ltd’s £170 million contract with engineering firm CH2M, said:

staggered Chris Grayling thinks the growing revolving door scandal over HS2
Ltd, CH2M and a £170m contract is ‘not a massive issue.’

fact both HS2 Ltd’s Chief Executive and his predecessor previously worked for
CH2M and a former HS2 Chief of Staff worked on the winning bid for CH2M should
have rung alarm bells at the Department for Transport

HS2’s Director General has resigned and Phase 2 could be delayed even further.

whole business stinks to high heaven, and the Department for Transport must
urgently address the key questions. When did it know about these substantial
conflicts of interest and what due diligence did it do on the bid?”