Wednesday 5 May 2021 / 7:52 AM Keir Starmer

Starmer kicks off eve of poll tour with Labour mayoral candidates

Keir Starmer will campaign across England today [Wednesday] joining Labour candidates in three key mayoral races: West Yorkshire, West Midlands and West of England.

On the eve of the largest set of elections ever held outside of a general election, Starmer urged voters across the UK to back Labour candidates who will be “strong voices for our towns and cities, our regions and nations” and will stand up to a Conservative Government in Westminster “more interested in providing favours to friends than backing Britain’s communities.”

Starmer will begin the day campaigning with Tracy Brabin, Labour’s candidate for West Yorkshire Mayor. He will then join Liam Byrne, Labour’s candidate for Mayor of the West Midlands. And he will finish the day with Dan Norris, Labour’s candidate for West of England Mayor.

Throughout the campaign, Labour’s focus has been on creating jobs, tackling crime, protecting the NHS and exposing Tory sleaze. Since restrictions have eased in March, Starmer has visited 65 events on the campaign trail ahead of Thursday’s elections, clocking up 7,500 miles.

Ahead of the final day of campaigning before polling day, Starmer praised all three candidates for running “energetic and ambitious campaigns.” Highlighting the Party’s ambition for each area, the candidates have committed to:

  • Bring buses back under public control and simplify fares for West Yorkshire under Tracy Brabin’s leadership.
  • Introduce an extra 450 community police officers to boost police numbers and make our streets safer for West Midlands under Liam Byrne’s leadership.
  • Create 23,000 new green jobs for the West of England under Dan Norris’s leadership.


Keir Starmer, Leader of the Labour Party said:

“Our fantastic Labour candidates have shown in this campaign that Labour’s priorities are the British people’s priorities. Creating jobs, tackling crime and protecting the NHS.

“I can’t wait to join Tracy, Dan and Liam on the campaign trail today. They have run energetic and ambitious campaigns and will all make outstanding Mayors.

“Across the UK, if you want strong voices for our towns and cities, our regions and nations, then vote for Labour candidates. They will stand up against a Conservative Government in Westminster which is more interested in providing favours to friends than backing Britain’s communities.

“This is a different Labour Party, under new leadership. Vote Labour tomorrow to put you, your family and your community first. Let’s make Britain the best place to grow up and grow old, whoever you are and wherever you live.”