Tuesday 29 May 2018 / 10:13 PM DFID / Kate Osamor

A takeover of DFID by the FCO would be a disaster for millions around the world

Kate Osamor, Labour’s Shadow International Development Secretary, commenting on Tom Tugendhat’s speech at the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies today, said:

“We should all be concerned by the news that an MP trying to climb the greasy pole of the Tory party has called for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to take greater control over other departments, including the Department for International Development.

“A takeover of DFID by the FCO might help the career plans of an ambitious young Tory, but it would be a disaster for the millions around the world who are reliant on the UK’s development assistance to overcome the injustice of poverty.

“The next Labour government will maintain Britain – and Labour’s – proud record on international development by protecting the independence of the Department for International Development and by continuing spending of 0.7% of GDP on development assistance.”