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The Government must urgently provide assurances about the future of Moorside – Rebecca Long-Bailey

Rebecca Long-Bailey, Shadow Secretary of State for Business Energy
and Industrial Strategy,
on the bankruptcy of Westinghouse said:

“This announcement throws into doubt the Moorside new nuclear plant
that could create 20,000 jobs in Cumbria.  

have been raised over Toshiba’s role in Moorside for some time.

Westinghouse’s viability was first called into question, Labour said the
Government should step in to underwrite the company’s investment if the project
was at significant risk of collapsing. Unfortunately, the Government dragged
its heels.

“The Government must now urgently provide assurances
about the future of Moorside. Relying on the private sector alone, in
absence of a robust contractual legal structure, has failed. 

this government is at all serious about delivering its industrial strategy, it
must act swiftly to ensure the security of our energy supply and guarantee the
creation of thousands of highly-skilled and well-paid jobs that communities in
Cumbria need and deserve.”