Friday 6 December 2019 / 10:05 AM Campaigns / Ian Lavery

“The North Remembers” – Labour releases new campaign videos on Margaret Thatcher’s toxic legacy

The Labour Party has released two new campaign videos today on Margaret Thatcher’s toxic legacy in the North of England.

In response to the videos, Ian Lavery, Labour Party Chair, has issued a stark reminder that people in the North will not forget the betrayal of Margaret Thatcher’s attacks on working class communities.

Many Northern communities have yet to recover from Thatcher’s administration, which inflicted such hardship and brutality upon coalfield communities.

Lavery, himself a former mineworker, has warned that Boris Johnson and his government want to finish the work that Thatcher started with his sell-out Brexit deal and by starving the North of resources.

Labour will reverse Thatcher’s legacy by bringing about a radical decentralisation of power in Britain so that local people and communities are given far greater control over their own lives and prospects. A Local Transformation Fund in each English region will be used exclusively to fund infrastructure projects decided at a local level.

Regional Development Banks will set priorities for lending, giving every region and nation a new and powerful lever to rebuild their economy on their own terms. Labour will also shift the political centre of gravity by placing the National Transformation Fund Unit, a key part of the Treasury, in the North of England.

Ian Lavery, Labour Party Chair, said:

“During the miners strike I saw first-hand the police brutality and economic hardship of Thatcher’s war against the working class.

“The North remembers. We will never forgive or forget the cruelty of Thatcher’s Tories.

“Boris Johnson wants to finish the job that Thatcher started with his sell-out Brexit deal,  privatising the NHS, and by starving our communities of the funding we need.

“Labour will reverse Thatcher’s toxic legacy by ending regional inequality with massive investment in the North.”