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Today’s announcement is a small step but it is not a silver bullet for the British economy – Barry Gardiner

Barry Gardiner MP, Shadow Secretary of State for International
to the New Zealand Prime Minister’s comments on a post-Brexit trade deal with
the UK, said:

“New Zealand is one of our oldest and strongest allies in the
southern hemisphere, and of course it is important to look to one’s friends
for trading relationships.

“But the Government’s own advice showed that if we leave the
Customs Union and negotiate our own trade deals, the UK will need to grow
trade with countries outside the EU by 37 percent by 2030. New Zealand currently
represents less than 1 percent of UK exports. Today’s announcement is a small
step – but it is not a silver bullet for the British economy, which is still
lacking a workable plan from the Tories. 

“In particular, Theresa May must be clear about
how her government will safeguard small businesses
and British farmers if we open ourselves up for
competition with New Zealand’s most successful sectors, such as
its high-quality dairy industry.”