Friday 31 March 2017 / 5:11 PM 2017 Press Archive / The Latest from Labour

Today’s near-miss with a drone at Heathrow underlines why Government must step up measures – Richard Burden

Burden MP, Labour’s Shadow Aviation Minister, commenting on the recent near-miss between a passenger plane and a
drone as it approached Heathrow Airport, said:

incident underlines why Ministers must get a move on. There were 70 reported
near-misses last year and the British Airline Pilots Association believe that
the real number is likely to be even higher.

year Labour urged the Government to take action this time last year but
Ministers have been far too slow to act. By now they should be further towards
making decisions on whether the UK should follow other countries by
establishing a compulsory registration scheme and getting systematic
geo-fencing in place to physically stop drones getting near airports and other
places where they are a danger. 

approach – highlighted by our amendment to the Government’s Vehicle Technology
and Aviation Bill this month – is to get a strategy in place to both ensure
safety, and protect  innovation and the responsible use of drones, linking
in with initiatives expected to come out of the European Aviation and
Safety Agency shortly.”