Thursday 22 August 2019 / 12:28 PM Justice / Richard Burgon

Tories have created chaos across our prisons system – Richard Burgon

Richard Burgon MP, Labour’s Shadow Justice Secretary, responding to news that the government failed to reduce violence in all the prisons in its  ’10 Prisons Project’, said:

“Focusing on a small number of cherry-picked prisons was a blatant attempt to distract from the wider Tory-created chaos across our prisons system. That violence has continued to increase even in some of these targeted prisons highlights, once again, the Tory failures at the heart of our prisons system.

“The wider reality is that, in the year since this project was launched, prison violence has reached record new highs and more prisons are now labelled as being of serious concern than ever before.

“The reckless Tory decision to cut hundreds of millions of pounds per year from the prisons budget and to slash staffing levels has created an unprecedented wave of prison violence. The recent Tory announcements fall well short of what is needed to make our prisons safe, and, with the number of prison officers once again falling, there is a real danger that violence will continue to blight our prisons.”