Wednesday 26 December 2018 / 9:22 AM Andy McDonald

Tory hypocrisy on rail means football fans are set to lose out again this Boxing Day

In opposition, the Tories repeatedly complained about a lack of rail services on Boxing Day, saying it showed that Labour did not have the “interests of the travelling public at heart”.

But this year – yet again – there are almost no Boxing Day rail services across the country – even though the Tories have been in office for seven and a half years and have the power to do something about it.

This is having a severe effect on football fans’ ability to get to Boxing Day fixtures, with there being no rail service across almost the entire rail network. Across the 20 fixtures in the Premier League and Championship, for only one will away fans be able to travel by rail.

Due to rail service closures, most fans will have to drive, a fact acknowledged by the Tories in opposition, who complained it would mean more CO2 would be pumped into the atmosphere.

Newcastle fans are facing an over six hour round trip to Liverpool to support their team. Whilst fans of the Championship side Aston Villa city are facing an over five hour round trip to Swansea to support their team.

Andy McDonald MP, Labour’s Shadow Transport Secretary, said:

 “Boxing Day football is as traditionally festive as turkey and cranberry sauce. Unfortunately, under the Tories, fans now face a much less welcome tradition: a Tory train shutdown on Boxing Day.

“In opposition, the Tories attacked the Boxing Day rail shutdown. Thanks to their failure to properly manage and maintain our rail network, there are more delays and fewer services. This means dedicated fans who are travelling hundreds of miles are facing travel chaos and misery.”