Thursday 1 November 2018 / 3:30 PM Childcare

Underfunding has led to 9,000 fewer childcare providers

Tracy Brabin MP, Labour’s Shadow Early Years Minister, commenting on government data showing that there are now nearly 9,000 fewer childcare providers than there were in 2016, said:

“We have repeatedly warned the Government that their underfunding of early years education and childcare would lead to providers closing their doors. But they refused to listen and today we see the consequences.

“Nearly 10,000 providers have gone out of business in just two years and over a quarter of a million childcare places have been lost. Parents will find it harder to access the childcare that suits their family, and too many simply can’t get the free childcare that the Tories promised them at the last election. 

“The next Labour government will give these vital services the funding they need, while delivering 30 hours of free high quality childcare for every 2-4 year old.”