Thursday 9 August 2018 / 1:15 PM Justin Madders / NHS

Winter crisis levels of performance during the hottest summer in decades

Justin Madders MP, Labour’s Shadow Health Minister, responding to today’s monthly NHS performance statistics, said:

“Only this Government could deliver winter crisis levels of performance during the hottest summer in decades. Patients have faced an unbearable summer meltdown in services as Ministers left the NHS underprepared for the extreme weather yet again.

“So after two years of Theresa May’s premiership patients are left with the worst ever July A&E performance, thousands more people waiting too long for cancer treatment and waiting lists well above 4 million. The sheer scale of the collapse in standards for patients since the Prime Minister took over is astonishing.

“When the Government finally brings forward its long term plan for the NHS, Ministers must explain how they will restore world class standards for patients after eight years of austerity and neglect.”


Julie Cooper MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Community Care, responding to the 2018 GP Patient Survey, said:

“Every year under this Government it gets harder to see a GP and patients face ever longer waits for routine appointments.

“Today’s patient survey is yet more evidence of the Tories’ devastating failure to deliver for GPs and their patients as staffing shortages lead to cuts in services and reduced availability of treatments.

“A sustainable fix for primary care is critically overdue and must be a priority in the NHS long term plan.”