Outbound calling programme (General Election 2024)

During the General Election campaign The Labour Party and our partners are making an increased number of outbound calls to members. Members may be contacted to volunteer their time or make financial contributions to the campaign. Financial contributions may include joining the Labour Lottery, giving a one-off gift, or adding a regular gift to your ongoing membership.  

Outbound calls will come from either the in-house Win’24 Mobilisation Call Centre or from one of our two partners: NTT or Stratcom. 

Stratcom will only call from the following numbers:  020 3151 9531 and 020 3151 2024

NTT will only call from the following number: 020 3948 4343

Points for Consideration:

  • Some members may be wary of receiving such calls. Member can always ask callers to confirm their membership number to verify legitimacy.
  • Members will never be asked to give credit/debit card details over the phone. Instead, they will be directed to enter their details into a secure system via touchpad or make donations using the information already on file for their membership payments.
  • Members who do not wish to participate can simply decline and request no further calls from the party.

Our Membership Team is here to assist. Members can call us at 0345 092 22 99, seven days a week during the election campaign, and will usually be connected to a colleague within three minutes. Alternatively, they can reach us by email at [email protected].