Members of the NEC


The National Executive Committee (NEC) is the National Executive Committee of the Labour Party. The primary purpose of the NEC is to provide strategic direction for the Party as a whole and to work in partnership with the Party’s representatives in Parliament, the devolved administrations and local government to secure the Party’s objectives across the country. It is made up of representatives from each section of the Party – the Shadow Cabinet, MPs, councillors, trade unions, Socialist Societies, Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs), Young Labour and BAME Labour. NEC members are elected by their respective constituencies, and each serves a two-year term.

Members of the NEC

The NEC is structured so as to represent all key stakeholders in the Party.

Vice Chair: Ellie Reeves MP
Leader: Sir Keir Starmer MP
Deputy Leader: Angela Rayner MP
Treasurer: Mike Payne
Frontbench: Anneliese Dodds MP
Frontbench: Ellie Reeves MP
Frontbench: Shabana Mahmood MP
Shadow Scottish Frontbench: Jackie Baillie MSP
Welsh Labour Representative: Carwyn Jones MS
Young Labour: Elsie Greenwood
Disabled Members: Ellen Morrison
BAME Labour: Carol Sewell
Div. I – Trade Unions: Nicola Jukes (TSSA)
Div. I – Trade Unions: Isabelle Gutierrez (Musicians’ Union)
Div. I – Trade Unions: Wendy Nichols (Unison)
Div. I – Trade Unions: Andy Kerr (CWU)
Div. I – Trade Unions: Gavin Sibthorpe (GMB)
Div. I – Trade Unions: Mary Williams (UNITE)
Div. I – Trade Unions: Kathy Abu-Bakir (GMB)
Div. I – Trade Unions: Ian Murray (FBU)
Div. I – Trade Unions: Mick Whelan (ASLEF)
Div. I – Trade Unions: Joanne Thomas (USDAW)
Div. I – Trade Unions: David Agbley (UNITE)
Div. I – Trade Unions: VACANT
Div. I – Trade Unions: VACANT
Div. II – Socialist Societies: VACANT
Div. III – CLPs: Jose Alexander
Div. III – CLPs: Jessica Barnard
Div. III – CLPs: Ann Black
Div. III – CLPs: Gemma Bolton
Div. III – CLPs: Yasmine Dar
Div. III – CLPs: Abdi Duale 
Div. III – CLPs: Neeraj Patil
Div. III – CLPs: Mish Rahman
Div. III – CLPs: Jane Thomas 
Div. IV – Labour Councillors: VACANT
Div. IV – Labour Councillors: Tudor Evans
Div. V – PLP: Luke Akehurst MP
Div. V – PLP: Melanie Onn MP
Div. V – PLP: Gurinder Singh Josan MP

In addition, the General Secretary (David Evans), the PLP Chief Whip (Alan Campbell MP), and PLP Chair (Jessica Morden MP) attend ex officio without a vote.