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Labour’s missions for Britain

Our missions

Britain needs a mission-driven government to end short term sticking-plaster politics. These five bold missions will form the backbone of Labour’s election manifesto and will drive forward a Labour government.”

Keir Starmer Leader of the Labour Party

Labour’s first steps for change

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The country needs change and Labour has a plan to deliver it.

Labour’s missions are built on fulfilling our first duty: to protect our country – through economic stability, secure borders and strong defence.

Strong, stable and secure foundations

For Labour, sound finances and economic stability are non-negotiable. We will never play fast and loose with the economy. All our plans are fully costed and fully funded. We will root out waste, corruption and those abusing taxpayers money. In contrast, the Tories crashed the economy. They represent a continued risk to families and businesses.

Labour will:

  • Stick to tough fiscal rules with economic stability at their heart.
  • Introduce a new fiscal lock to bring economic security back to family finances by empowering the Office of Budget Responsibility. Never again will we allow a repeat of the devastation of Liz Truss and the Conservatives’ mini-budget that crashed the economy and left working people worse off.
  • Set up a new Office for Value for Money to ensure all taxpayers’ money is spent wisely.
  • Halve government consultancy spending, by bringing in proper spending controls and having a long term staffing strategy.
  • Appoint a Covid Corruption Commissioner, equipped with the powers they need to chase down those who have ripped off the taxpayer, take them to court, and claw back every penny of taxpayer’s money that they can.
  • End VIP ‘fast lane’ procurement processes that allow party political cronies to make money out of contracts from their political friends.

Labour believes the first duty of any Government is to keep the nation safe and protect our citizens.

In contrast, after 14 years of Conservative Government the UK’s Armed Forces have been ‘hollowed out’.

The British Army is now its smallest size since it fought Napoleon, one in five of the Royal Navy’s ships have been removed from service, and over 200 aircraft have been taken out of service in the last five years alone.

Labour is committed to strengthening our national defences and supporting our heroic armed forces.

Labour will:

  • Maintain an unshakeable commitment to NATO and our nuclear deterrent.
  • Conduct a Strategic Defence and Security Review in our first year in government to fully understand the state of our Armed Forces, the nature of threats we face and the capabilities needed.
  • Labour will tackle the poor state of service accommodation to ensure homes are fit for heroes, having commissioned the independent Kerslake review of military housing to help draw up plans in Government.
  • Legislate to establish an Armed Forces Commissioner as a strong independent voice to improve service life.

Under the Conservatives, we have a broken asylum system where criminal smuggler gangs profit from undermining our border security and putting lives at risk on small boats. At the same time, convictions for people smuggling have dropped by 30 per cent, Home Office decisions have collapsed, the asylum backlog has soared, and basic enforcement has crumbled, with returns of failed asylum seekers down 50 per cent compared to the last Labour Government.

Twelve months ago, Rishi Sunak promised to end asylum hotel use but instead the number has hit a record high, costing the British taxpayer an eye-watering £8 million a day. Britain can’t afford this chaos. Labour has set out a practical plan to strengthen border security, tackle small boat crossings and fix the Tories’ asylum mess:

Labour will:

  •  Smash the criminal gangs by using counter-terror style tactics – strengthening powers and using the full force of Britain’s intelligence and policing to destroy the evil business model of human trafficking.
  • Deploy more police and investigators in a Cross-Border Police Unit to go after the smuggler and trafficking gangs who undermine our border security and put lives at risk.
  • Set up a 1,000 strong Returns Unit to ensure failed asylum seekers and others with no right to be here are removed.
  • End hotel use for asylum seekers by clearing the asylum backlog with more staff to process claims and return people to safe countries.

Let’s Get Britain’s Future Back

Read the full document on Labour’s missions for Britain

Labour has a long term plan to get Britain’s future back: five fully funded national missions.

Following strict rules that strengthen public finances and by reforming planning laws, so we build more houses, giga factories, windfarms, roads, labs and ports, developing the skills needed to do so.

A Labour Government will:

  • Take tough decisions to restore economic stability and secure our economy.
  • Reduce energy bills and invest in the jobs and industries of the future via our Green Prosperity Plan and Great British Energy, a new publicly owned clean generation company.
  • Build more homes and help first time buyers with ‘first dibs’ on new homes in their area.

Switching on Great British Energy, a new publicly owned, clean energy company, that ensures jobs are created here in Britain and that we aren’t dependent on tyrants like Putin.

A Labour Government will:

  • Create Great British Energy, a new publicly-owned clean power generation company to cut your energy bills and deliver good jobs.
  • Cut your energy bill for good – making families up to £1,400 better off a year.
  • Create 500,000 new, skilled jobs in the industries of the future, rebuilding the strength of our industrial heartlands.
  • Deliver energy security so we’re not dependent on dictators like Putin.

Paying doctors and nurses overtime to work evenings and weekends to cut the backlog – paid for by closing the loopholes in Rishi Sunak’s non-dom plan and cracking down on tax dodgers.

A Labour government will:

  • Cut waiting times by giving the NHS the staff and technology it needs.
  • End the 8am scramble for GP appointments and giving patients a choice of appointments in person or on the phone.
  • Improve cancer survival rates and reduce deaths from heart disease and suicide.
  • More care in the community so patients aren’t stuck in hospital.

Guaranteeing town centre police patrols in every community to tackle gangs, drug dealers and fly tippers – paid for by cutting outside contractors and waste.

A Labour government will:

  • Put 13,000 more neighbourhood police and PCSOs on our streets.
  • Halve violence against women and girls, and tougher sentences for rapists.
  • Introduce new ‘Respect Orders’, a tough new order with criminal sanctions for antisocial behaviour.

Introducing free school breakfast clubs and more high quality teaching with more specialist maths and science teachers – paid for by removing tax breaks for private schools, closing the loopholes in Rishi Sunak’s non-dom plan and cracking down on tax dodgers.

A Labour government will:

  • Create a modern childcare system with breakfast clubs in every primary school to give children the best start.
  • Make sure there’s a world class teacher in every classroom, recruiting 6,500 new staff, paid for by ending tax breaks for private schools.
  • Introduce a broader curriculum, developing creativity, digital and speaking skills that ensure young people leave school ready for work and ready for life.
  • Expand apprenticeships and skills training to spread opportunity for all.

“I’ve changed the Labour Party so we are back in service of working people. Together we can change Britain.

Keir Starmer Leader of the Labour Party

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