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How We Work

Members of the NEC

Who's on the NEC?

Find out more about our National Executive Committee and its members.


All members of the NEC are members of the National Policy Forum. This body oversees the development of party policy through a rolling programme of policy development. Throughout the year, NEC members participate with shadow government ministers in Labour Party policy commissions that prepare reports on different areas of policy which are then presented to and consulted on with the party membership before going to annual conference.

This forms the basis of Labour’s general election manifesto. The NEC is also responsible for upholding the rules of the party and propriety of Labour selection processes.

Members of the NEC

The NEC is structured so as to represent all key stakeholders in the party.

Chair: Andy Kerr

Vice Chair: Wendy Nichols

Leader: Jeremy Corbyn MP

Deputy Leader: Tom Watson MP

Treasurer: Diana Holland

Shadow Frontbench: Jon Trickett MP

Shadow Frontbench: Rebecca Long-Bailey MP

Shadow Frontbench: Kate Osamor MP

Shadow Scottish Frontbench: Richard Leonard MSP

Welsh Government Frontbench: Alun Davies AM

EPLP Leader: Richard Corbett MEP

Young Labour: Lara McNeill

BAME Labour: Keith Vaz MP

Div. I – Trade Unions: Keith Birch (Unison)

Div. I – Trade Unions: Jim Kennedy (Unite)

Div. I – Trade Unions: Andi Fox (TSSA)

Div. I – Trade Unions: Pauline McCarthy (Bakers)

Div. I – Trade Unions: Paddy Lillis (Usdaw)

Div. I – Trade Unions: Wendy Nichols (Unison)

Div. I – Trade Unions: Andy Kerr (CWU)

Div. I – Trade Unions: Sarah Owen (GMB)

Div. I – Trade Unions: Currently unfilled (UNITE)

Div. I – Trade Unions: Cath Speight (GMB)

Div.I – Trade Unions: Ian Murray (FBU)

Div. I – Trade Unions: Mick Whelan (ASLEF)

Div. I – Trade Unions: Joanne Cairns (USDAW)

Div. II – Socialist Societies: James Asser

Div. III – CLPs: Ann Black

Div. III – CLPs: Yasmin Dar

Div. III – CLPs: Rachel Garnham

Div. III – CLPs: Jon Lansman

Div. III – CLPs: Eddie Izzard

Div. III – CLPs: Claudia Webbe

Div. III – CLPs: Darren Williams

Div. III – CLPs: Pete Willsman

Div. III – CLPs: Rhea Wolfson

Div. IV – Labour Councillors: Nick Forbes

Div. IV – Labour Councillors: Alice Perry

Div. V – PLP/EPLP: George Howarth MP

Div. V – PLP/EPLP: Margaret Beckett MP

Div. V – PLP/EPLP: Shabana Mahmood MP

In addition, the PLP Shadow Chief Whip (Nick Brown MP), and PLP Chair (John Cryer MP) attend ex-officio without a vote.

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