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To all our amazing activists:

Thank you.

It's time for real change.

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Our manifesto

This election will shape our country for a generation. It is your opportunity to transform our country, so that it works not just for a few, but for all of us.

Our manifesto is the most radical, hopeful, people-focused, fully-costed plan in modern times.

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Foreword by Jeremy Corbyn
A Green Industrial Revolution
Rebuild our Public Services
Tackle Poverty and Inequality
The Final Say on Brexit
A New Internationalism

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Jeremy Corbyn is the Leader of the Labour Party and the next Labour Prime Minister. Find out more about Jeremy now.

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The latest from Labour

It's time for
real change.

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Thousands of Labour supporters up and down the country took the plunge and campaigned with us for the first time recently—will you join them?

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