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I have a membership question

If you’ve got a question about membership, fill out our membership contact form.

Or take a look at our membership FAQs.

I have a policy question

If you’ve got a question about policy, fill out our policy contact form.

I want to report a concern or make a complaint

Please visit the relevant page for more information about reporting a concern to Labour’s Safeguarding Unit or making a formal complaint to the National Complaints Team.

Report a safeguarding concern

How to report a concern and who it should be reported to

Make a complaint

How to make a complaint and who it should be made to

Labour’s address and telephone number

You can reach us by post:

The Labour Party
Labour Central, Kings Manor
Newcastle upon Tyne

And by telephone:

0345 092 2299

Please note, calls to this number are charged at a local rate from landlines and mobiles and will be included in any mobile minutes you have.

I have a question for Theresa May

Send us your questions for Theresa May, and Jeremy Corbyn could be asking her your question at Prime Minister’s Questions. Fill out our form for Theresa May.

Contact information for the national offices

To get in touch with the Scottish or Welsh Labour Party please visit their websites or use the details below.

Scottish Labour Party
290 Bath Street
G2 4RE

Welsh Labour
1 Cathedral Road
CF11 9HA

Contact information for the regional offices

You can get in touch with our regional parties at the below websites.

Labour East

East Midlands Labour

London Labour

Labour North

Labour North West

Labour South East

Labour South West

West Midlands Labour

Yorkshire and the Humber Labour

Contact information for my local party

To find out more or get involved with your local party, the best person to get in touch with is your local contact. You can find their information on your membership card – and your digital membership card.

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