Terms and Conditions

Read the terms and conditions of our types of membership and donating to the Labour Party.


Donations to a political party are regulated by the Political Parties Elections and Referendums Act 2000.

  • Donors giving more than £500 must be on a UK electoral register (we will check before accepting a donation).
  • For donors giving more than £1,500 to a Constituency Labour Party or the Scottish Labour Party, or more than £7,500 to the national Labour Party (including the English Regions and Wales) in a calendar year, their name and the value of the donation will be sent to the Electoral Commission which will publish details on its website. The donor’s address will not be made public.
  • Donations must be from the donor’s own funds and may not be passed on from a third party. It is an offence not to reveal the true source of a donation.
  • Donations to political parties are not tax-deductible.
  • This donation facility is provided for individuals to make donations to the Labour Party. UK companies, Limited Liability Partnerships, Trade Unions and Unincorporated Associations may also make donations to the Labour Party.


  • By applying to become a member of the Labour Party you agree to accept and conform to the constitution, programme, principles and policy of the Party. If applicable, be a member of a trade union, hold your membership at the address where you reside and if eligible be registered as an elector at that address.
  • You also confirm that you are not a member of any other registered political party (save the Co-operative party); and you are not a member of any organisation incompatible with membership of the Labour Party.
  • Your provisional membership rights commence from the date your membership is recorded on the national membership list.
  • Your provisional membership lasts eight weeks (unless the National Executive Committee decide to extend this period) and during that time you can attend your Labour Party meetings in a non-voting capacity and your membership can be rejected – you would be advised in writing and depending on the reason you could have a right of appeal. Full membership rules and procedures are available in the Labour Party rule book.
  • By supplying personal data to register as a member you agree that the Labour Party, elected representatives of the Labour Party, and any candidates in internal Labour Party elections in which you are entitled to participate may contact you using any of the data supplied.
  • By entering your email address and/or phone number you agree to receive communications from us, from which you can opt-out using the unsubscribe link in each email we send. Text messages can be opted out at any time using the appropriate stop message.
  • We will not share your details with anyone outside the Party.

Affiliated supporters – joining via the Labour Party

  • By supplying personal data to register as an affiliated supporter you agree that the Labour Party may use the data you have provided to check your eligibility to participate in, and administer the ballot process for relevant internal elections. This includes any election for Leader or Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, and any other internal election in which affiliated supporters are eligible to participate in as determined by the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee.
  • Your name and address will be shared with the relevant affiliated organisation for the purpose of verifying you are a member of that organisation. As part of the verification process, the relevant affiliated organisation may update their records on the basis of the information you have provided to ensure the accuracy of your personal data.
  • Where provided, your email address will be used to send your ballot electronically for all relevant internal elections.
  • Where you have opted in, candidates in relevant internal elections may contact you about their campaigns using the communication methods you have chosen.
  • Where you have opted in, the Labour Party may contact you about campaigns, events, and opportunities to get involved with the Party using the communication methods you have chosen.
  • You can opt out of email communications from the Party or any candidate or candidates in internal Labour Party elections using the unsubscribe link in each email you receive. You can opt out of text messages by using the appropriate stop mechanism, which will be made clear in each message you receive.
  • More information about how the Labour Party uses personal data and your personal information rights is available in our privacy policy: https://labour.org.uk/privacy-policy/