Monday 9 December 2019 / 7:32 PM Jon Trickett

Billionaire-owned press and Tories caught out working hand in glove to lie about Labour

Jon Trickett, Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office, responding to the ruling that the Mail on Sunday published false claims about Labour’s tax plans, which the Conservative Party use for campaigning, said:

“For years large parts of the media and the Conservative Party have worked hand in glove to lie about the Labour Party, and have got away with it. Now they have been caught in the act.

“A free press is essential to democracy, but when billionaire-owned newspapers close ranks and seek to stamp out the space for open and honest debate about the future of this country, our society pays the price.

“We commend the authors of Land for the Many for taking a stand against the misinformation peddled by the billionaire press and the Conservative Party. A Labour government will seek to rebuild trust in our democracy and restore integrity to public debate.”