Thursday 23 January 2020 / 10:33 AM Housing / John Healey

John Healey responds to the English Housing Survey

John Healey MP, Labour’s Shadow Housing Secretary, responding to the 2018/19 English Housing Survey, said:

“The Conservatives didn’t want to talk about housing ahead of the general election and the Government’s own statistics show why. These figures confirm that the number of younger home-owners has fallen dramatically since 2010, with over 800,000 fewer households under 45 now owning their own home, and the number of recent first-time buyers is falling.


“Meanwhile, over a million more households are renting from a private landlord than a decade ago, including one in four families with children.


“After 10 years of failure on housing, Conservative Ministers have not built the council and social homes needed, given renters the rights they deserve and helped young people on ordinary incomes buy their first home. Labour will not let the Tories get away with having no plan to fix the country’s housing crisis.”




Notes to editors


The headline report for the English Housing Survey for 2018/19 has been released today:


It’s findings include:

  • The number of under-45 households who own their own home has fallen by 802,000 since 2009/10 (Household Tables, Annex Table 1.4)
  • The number of recent first time buyers has fallen year-on-year for the first time in four years (Annex Table 1.6)
  • The number of households renting from a private landlord has risen by 1.2m since 2010 (Annex Table 1.1)
  • One in four families with children (24%) now rent from a private landlord (Annex Table 1.5)
  • The number of private renters who expect to buy has fallen from 58% to 55.8% in the last year, and is down from 60.4% in 2009/10 (Annex Table 1.11)


Labour has a 17 percentage point poll lead over the Conservatives on housing:


Labour’s plan for housing is here: