Tuesday 18 January 2022 / 1:40 PM Culture / Lucy Powell

Labour calls for leak inquiry over claims Culture Secretary lost her phone

Labour has today called for the Government to clarify if the Culture Secretary has lost her phone as, in a bizarre turn of events, it seems the Secretary of State is telling colleagues that this may have resulted in the leak on the end of the BBC as we know it in the Sunday papers. This leak is part of a desperate bid by Ministers to deflect from the Prime Minister’s lying over lockdown parties in Downing Street. 

The Party has joined the Speaker of the House of Commons in his call for a leak inquiry into how the Mail on Sunday was given the story of profound changes to the way the BBC is funded and will operate in the future. 

The Party is calling for an investigation into this potential security breach of a lost Cabinet Ministers phone as fresh revelations continue about partying on an industrial scale across government through national lockdowns. 

Lucy Powell MP, Labour’s Shadow Culture Secretary, said:

“The Culture Secretary’s hapless announcement yesterday as part of the government’s deflection plans to save “Big Dog” Boris Johnson were all bark and no bite. 

“Nadine Dorries gave no alternative plan for the BBC’s future funding nor any assessment of the impact of a licence fee freeze on programming, jobs across the country, or our world-leading creative industries. 

“With the Culture Secretary alleging she lost her phone as the reason a Sunday newspaper had the details of her statement before parliament, who knows what sensitive information could have been accessed. The government needs to instigate a leak inquiry immediately to get to the bottom of this serious security breach.”