Tuesday 6 July 2021 / 1:39 PM Coronavirus / Kate Green

Labour responds to data showing Conservatives’ failure to keep kids learning

Kate Green MP, Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary, responding to new data which shows 623,000 children were out of school due to coronavirus last week, said:

“This data shows the Conservatives’ staggering failure to keep kids learning.

“By failing to control our borders Ministers have let the Delta variant take hold, forcing kids out of their classrooms and away from their friends.

“Parents, pupils and teachers have had days of mixed messages, what they need now is absolute clarity about what measures will be taken to keep kids in school and stop this spiralling of Covid cases.”

Green will deliver Labour’s response to a statement in Parliament on easing of restrictions in education today, when she will welcome the expected move away from bubbles but challenge the Education Secretary to publish the evidence for this decision giving parents confidence the alternative to bubbles will keep kids in school.

She will say:

“Labour wants nothing more than for children to be in class learning and spending time with friends. The Government have consistently failed to deliver this. The bubbles system must end but today’s statement offers no clarity on how the Government will stop infections spiralling. The Conservatives’ inadequate testing regime, lack of action on ventilation and their recklessness at the border have put our children’s education at risk. They must not continue to make the same mistakes.”