Tuesday 27 February 2018 / 12:01 AM Economy / Peter Dowd

Tories plot £2,000 Government handout for private school fees

A £2,000 handout to wealthy families that send their child to private school is being introduced under a Government childcare scheme.

The tax-free childcare scheme, due to be in place across the country by March 2018, provides a 20% Government top up on money spent on childcare, up to a limit of £2,000.

The scheme explicitly allows parents to claim Government support for children sent to a fee-paying ‘independent’ school. Despite the fact that the Government had promised to phase out support for private school fees under the old system of childcare support.

Peter Dowd MP, Labour’s Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, said:

“It is shocking that the Government seek to give thousands of pounds to the richest families, so they can send their children to private school while state education funding is slashed.

“This is another handout to the wealthy by this Government for the few. The Government must immediately exclude private school fees from subsidy under their new programme, and invest in our education system to ensure that it works for the many, not just a privileged few.

“The next Labour Government will simplify Britain’s broken childcare system and invest to offer 30 hours of free childcare to all 2-4 year olds.”