Saturday 28 March 2020 / 10:00 PM Coronavirus / Luke Pollard

Urgent concerns about poor working practices at Plymouth NHS 111 Call Centre – Pollard

Luke Pollard MP, Labour’s Shadow Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Secretary, has written to the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, to raise “urgent concerns” about poor working practices at an NHS 111 Call Centre, operated by Sitel, in Plymouth.

Among the concerns Pollard raises are that:

  • 150-200 staff are still required to travel to an office every day, working on one floor of the same building
  • They are working “desk to desk”, in close proximity and not following social distancing guidelines
  • Hot-desking is still in operation
  • There is no deep cleaning of working spaces taking place
  • There have been some reports that managers have instructed people to go to work when they have family members showing symptoms of Coronavirus

Pollard calls for urgent clarification that measures will be put in place to protect all call centre staff, especially those who work on the NHS 111 service, and to ensure they are in full compliance with government social distancing guidance.Luke Pollard MP