Here’s why you might be hearing from Gail from the Labour Party

If you’ve received a text message recently from Gail from the Labour Party, there’s a very good reason for it.

Gail is part of Labour’s all-important mobilisation team, helping give supporters the support they need to make the biggest impact possible in election campaigns.

And with less than a week to go until the General Election, this is the most crucial moment to find out the best way you can help Labour, and get involved.

So if you get a text from “Gail from Labour”,  And it includes a link starting with, do not worry, it is safe. If you have any concerns about whether it’s a real message or not, you can always contact our membership team here: 

Gail is probably inviting you to join one of the briefing sessions in our polling day countdown series. These are online briefings with high-profile Labour figures, giving you information on how you can best use your time to campaign for Labour and deliver a result on Thursday 4 July that will turn the page on 14 years of Tory chaos. 

It’s time for change – be part of it.