Watch: Keir Starmer promises Labour will “deliver from the get-go” in Gary Neville interview broadcast

Keir Starmer and Gary Neville walking in the Lake District

In an emotional interview with football icon Gary Neville, Keir Starmer explains how Labour will “deliver from the get-go” if privileged enough to be elected to government. 

He uses the opportunity, Labour’s latest Party Election Broadcast, to reaffirm his commitment to Labour’s first steps, which will begin from “day one” of a Labour government:

  • Deliver economic stability with tough spending rules, so we can grow our economy and keep taxes, inflation and mortgages as low as possible.
  • Cut NHS waiting times with 40,000 more appointments each week, during evenings and weekends, paid for by cracking down on tax avoidance and non-dom loopholes.
  • Launch a new Border Security Command with hundreds of new specialist investigators and use counter-terror powers to smash criminal boat gangs.
  • Set up Great British Energy, a publicly-owned clean power company, to cut bills for good and boost energy security, paid for by a windfall tax on oil and gas giants.
  • Crack down on antisocial behaviour, with more neighbourhood police paid for by ending wasteful contracts, tough new penalties for offenders, and a new network of youth hubs.
  • Recruit 6,500 new teachers in key subjects to set children up for life, work and the future, paid for by ending tax breaks for private schools. 

Walking in the fells of the Lake District, Gary Neville speaks to  Keir Starmer on whether he already has a team working on that day one preparation for government. 

The Labour leader confirms he put that party on government footing: “Yes. I said I don’t want you having a conversation on day one. I need you to deliver for me, so you need to be ready to deliver from the get go. So that’s the footing I’ve had them on.”

The Lake District is a place deeply personal for the Labour leader explaining that most summers his mother and father would drive the family up to the area to holiday there. 

An emotional Keir Starmer, reflecting on what his parents would make of his career, said: “They’d be having a real moment, and so am I actually. If she was back here now… and I was in a race to be a candidate for the Prime Minister of the country, they’d be really proud. It’d be a really incredible moment. It really would.”

A longer version of the interview is also available to watch: