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Coastal Communities Consultation

What does the future look like for our coastal communities?

Our coastal communities and seas are major assets to our society. We believe that rather than being confined to the past under the Tories, they should be part of an innovative, thriving and sustainable future.

That’s why Labour is launching a major initiative to work with the people and businesses in our coastal communities on a plan to revive jobs, industry and local economies.

Now we want to hear from you. If you’re a coastal resident, consumer, industry or environmental expert, take part in our online consultation and have your say.

We’re inviting you to give us your thoughts and ideas on coastal communities until January 31 2018.

Have your say today

Coastal Communities Survey

Share your ideas and experiences as a coastal resident.

If you are working or connected to the fishing industry, you may also wish to fill out our fishing consultation survey. Click the link, then download the fishing consultation PDF now.

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