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Keir Starmer meeting father and child

Labour’s missions for Britain

Our missions

Britain needs a mission-driven government to end short term sticking-plaster politics. These five bold missions will form the backbone of Labour’s election manifesto and will drive forward a Labour government.”

Keir Starmer MP Leader of the Labour Party

Good jobs and productivity growth in every part of the country making everyone, not just a few, better off.

A Labour Government will:

  • Take tough decisions to restore economic stability and secure our economy.
  • Reduce energy bills and invest in the jobs and industries of the future via our Green Prosperity Plan and Great British Energy, a new publicly owned clean generation company.
  • Build more homes and help first time buyers with ‘first dibs’ on new homes in their area.

British people are facing challenges with higher bills and stagnant wages. The only way to cut energy bills for good and deliver energy security is to shift decisively to clean, homegrown low carbon power.

Create jobs, cut bills and boost energy security with zero-carbon electricity by 2030, accelerating to net zero.

A Labour Government will:

  • Create Great British Energy, a new publicly-owned clean power generation company to cut your energy bills and deliver good jobs.
  • Cut your energy bill for good – making families up to £1,400 better off a year.
  • Create 500,000 new, skilled jobs in the industries of the future, rebuilding the strength of our industrial heartlands.
  • Deliver energy security so we’re not dependent on dictators like Putin.

There when people need it; with fewer lives lost to the biggest killers; in a fairer Britain, where everyone lives well for longer.

A Labour government will:

  • Cut waiting times by giving the NHS the staff and technology it needs.
  • End the 8am scramble for GP appointments and giving patients a choice of appointments in person or on the phone.
  • Improve cancer survival rates and reduce deaths from heart disease and suicide.
  • More care in the community so patients aren’t stuck in hospital.

Labour believes that feeling secure is the bedrock on which opportunities are built, communities can thrive, and local economies can prosper. That is why Making Britain’s Streets Safe is one of the five missions that will give Britain its future back.

Halve serious violent crime and raise confidence in the police and criminal justice system to its highest levels.

A Labour government will:

  • Put 13,000 more neighbourhood police and PCSOs on our streets.
  • Halve violence against women and girls, and tougher sentences for rapists.
  • Introduce new ‘Respect Orders’, a tough new order with criminal sanctions for antisocial behaviour.

Reform the childcare and education systems, raise standards everywhere, and prepare young people for work and life

A Labour government will:

  • Create a modern childcare system with breakfast clubs in every primary school to give children the best start.
  • Make sure there’s a world class teacher in every classroom, recruiting 6,500 new staff, paid for by ending tax breaks for private schools.
  • Introduce a broader curriculum, developing creativity, digital and speaking skills that ensure young people leave school ready for work and ready for life.
  • Expand apprenticeships and skills training to spread opportunity for all.

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