Keir Starmer talking with factory workers

Switch on Great British Energy

Labour has set out five national missions that we will build our manifesto around and, if elected, drive everything we do in government.

Labour will be focused on outcomes that matter: making sure people are better off, live in safe communities, and have the opportunities they need to succeed – wherever they live, and whatever their background.

These missions will only be achieved through relentless focus. They require government departments working together. Business working with unions. The private sector working with the public sector. And a common partnership between national and local government.

Each mission is built on the strong foundations of economic stability, national security, and secure borders.

Labour’s fourth mission in government will be to make Britain a clean energy superpower. We will make energy cheap and secure, so that the British public never again face spiralling bills; boost jobs and investment in every region and nation of the country; and grow our economy from the bottom up and the middle out.

With shovels in the ground and cranes in the sky – powered by the Green Prosperity Plan – a Labour government will help Britain lead the world in cheaper, cleaner power and industry.

Why is this important?

British people are facing challenges with higher bills and stagnant wages. The only way to cut energy bills for good and deliver energy security is to shift decisively to clean, homegrown low carbon power.

Achieving this mission will:

  • Cut energy bills for good, taking up to £1,400 off the annual household bill and £53 billion off energy bills for businesses by 2030.
  • Create good jobs by rebuilding the strength of our industrial heartlands and coastal communities, creating over a million jobs in ten years.
  • Deliver security by using our abundant natural resources to free ourselves from the manipulations of Vladimir Putin and petrostates.
  • Provide climate security to protect our planet for future generations.

Labour’s plans will deliver lower bills and good jobs for Britain.

In government we will:

  • Act fast to lead the world with clean and cheap power by 2030, backing the builders not the blockers so Britain gets the cheap, clean power we need.
  • Establish GB Energy – a new home-grown, publicly-owned champion in clean energy generation – to build jobs and supply chains here at home.
  • Set up the National Wealth Fund, which will create good, well-paying jobs by investing alongside the private sector in gigafactories, clean steel plants, renewable-ready ports, green hydrogen and energy storage.
  • Upgrade nineteen million homes with our Warm Homes Plan, so that families have cheaper energy bills permanently, with warm, future-proofed homes.

Watch Labour’s Clean Energy Mission: