Keir Starmer and Yvette Cooper with police officers

Take back our streets

Labour has set out five national missions that we will build our manifesto around and, if elected, drive everything we do in government.

Labour will be focused on outcomes that matter: making sure people are better off, live in safe communities, and have the opportunities they need to succeed – wherever they live, and whatever their background.

These missions will only be achieved through relentless focus. They require government departments working together. Business working with unions. The private sector working with the public sector. And a common partnership between national and local government.

Each mission is built on the strong foundations of economic stability, national security, and secure borders.

Labour’s second mission in government will be to: Halve serious violent crime and raise confidence in the police and criminal justice system to its highest levels, within a decade.

Why is this important?

Our mission focuses on the twin challenges of reducing serious violent crime and raising confidence in our police.

By focusing on these twin challenges, our mission will result in more visible policing, faster courts, higher standards and ultimately more criminals brought to justice.

Within a decade, our mission means we will:

  • Halve the level of violence against women and girls.
  • Halve the incidents of knife crime.
  • Raise confidence in every police force to its highest levels.
  • Reverse the collapse in the proportion of crimes solved.

Labour believes that feeling secure is the bedrock on which opportunities are built, communities can thrive, and local economies can prosper.

That sense of security has slowly eroded over the past 13 years as levels of violent crime remain too high and confidence that there will be any consequences when a crime is committed, has fallen.

Too often people fear that when things go wrong, no one will come and nothing will be done.

That is why Making Britain’s Streets Safe is one of the five missions that will give Britain its future back.

Keir Starmer and Yvette Cooper set out why Labour will make Britain’s streets safe

Keir Starmer and Yvette Cooper sit down with leaders discuss to Labour’s mission