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Angela Rayner

Labour Party Deputy Leadership Candidate

Angela Rayner

MP for Ashton-under-Lyne

Angela’s Candidate Statement

“I’m a socialist through real life experience. When I dropped out of school at 16, pregnant with my son, it was a Labour Sure Start centre that helped turn my life around. My journey into politics began when, as a home carer on low pay and an insecure contract, my colleagues asked me to be their trade union rep.

“The labour movement and Labour governments transformed my life. I’m standing for Deputy Leader because I want us to do the same for so many more.

“I will make the case for everyday socialism rooted in people’s lives. Funding our NHS and social care, free education, publicly owned utilities, investment in green jobs, new council housing, and social security are not only morally right but practical solutions to real problems.

“I’ve set out plans for a radical shake up of how we campaign, with activist-led community organising, more training and frontline support year round, and Labour Organising Academies to train a new generation of leaders and organisers, so we use all our talents.

“We will build a movement that delivers change and in doing so, show people that change is possible.

“I’ve been a fighter all my life, an organiser for two decades, a campaigner who has fought and won.

“In the adversity of the next five years, we will find a common strength and purpose. We will rebuild our movement. We will put power in your hands to make change happen. If we do that, we will win.”

Angela Rayner was nominated by the following MPs and MEPs:

  • Debbie Abrahams
  • Tahir Ali
  • Mike Amesbury
  • Jon Ashworth
  • Paula Barker
  • Hilary Benn
  • Olivia Blake
  • Paul Blomfield
  • Tracy Brabin
  • Karen Buck
  • Alan Campbell
  • Bambos Charalambous
  • Feryal Clark
  • Yvette Cooper
  • Jon Cruddas
  • Judith Cummins
  • Tan Dhesi
  • Anneliese Dodds
  • Stephen Doughty
  • Peter Dowd
  • Jack Dromey
  • Maria Eagle
  • Angela Eagle
  • Bill Esterson
  • Colleen Fletcher
  • Gill Furniss
  • Kate Green
  • Lilian Greenwood
  • Margaret Greenwood
  • Theresa Griffin
  • Andrew Gwynne
  • Louise Haigh
  • Emma Hardy
  • Mike Hill
  • Meg Hillier
  • Kate Hollern
  • George Howarth
  • Dan Jarvis
  • Diana Johnson
  • Kim Johnson
  • Gerald Jones
  • Ruth Jones
  • Mike Kane
  • Barbara Keeley
  • Afzal Khan
  • Jude Kirton-Darling
  • David Lammy
  • Emma Lewell-Buck
  • Tony Lloyd
  • Rebecca Long-Bailey
  • Justin Madders
  • Chris Matheson
  • Steve McCabe
  • Conor McGinn
  • Jim McMahon
  • Ed Miliband
  • Nav Mishra
  • Jessica Morden
  • Stephen Morgan
  • Charlotte Nichols
  • Alex Norris
  • Sarah Owen
  • Stephanie Peacock
  • Matthew Pennycook
  • Lucy Powell
  • Angela Rayner
  • Steve Reed
  • Christina Rees
  • Rachel Reeves
  • Ellie Reeves
  • Jonathan Reynolds
  • Marie Rimmer
  • Lloyd Russell-Moyle
  • Virendra Sharma
  • Barry Sheerman
  • Tulip Siddiq
  • Andrew Slaughter
  • Cat Smith
  • Jo Stevens
  • Mark Tami
  • Sam Tarry
  • Nick Thomas-Symonds
  • Karl Turner
  • Liz Twist
  • Valerie Vaz
  • Alan Whitehead
  • Mick Whitley
  • Daniel Zeichner

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