Thursday 25 July 2019 / 11:39 AM Jeremy Corbyn

10 questions Boris Johnson refused to answer in Parliament

Facing his first Parliamentary statement as Prime Minister, Boris Johnson avoided scrutiny once again, refusing to answer 10 questions from Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn:

1. Will he match Labour’s commitment of a £500 billion investment to rebalance this country through regional development banks and a National Transformation Fund?

2. Given his appointment is the first Home Secretary for a generation to support the death penalty, can the Prime Minister assure the House that his Government has no plans to bring back capital punishment?

3. Before appointing the new Education Secretary was the Prime Minister given sight of the Huwaei leak investigation by the Cabinet secretary?

4. He was in the Cabinet that accepted the backstop and of course voted for it on 30 March this year. It would be welcome if he could set out what he finds so objectionable, having voted for it less than four months ago. Could he explain this flip-flopping?

5. There is also something eerily familiar about a Prime Minister marching off to Europe with demands to scrap the backstop. So how does the Prime Minister think he will succeed where his predecessor failed?

6. If the Prime Minister continues to pursue a reckless No Deal, does he accept that he would be directly flouting the expressed will of this Parliament?

7. Companies from Toyota to Asda have been clear about the dangers of No Deal. Is the Prime Minister still guided by his “F**k Business” policy?

8. The office of Prime Minister requires integrity and honesty, so will he correct his claim that kipper exports from the Isle of Man to the UK are subject to EU regulations?

9. To tackle the climate emergency: Will he ban fracking? Will he back real British ingenuity like the Swansea Bay tidal lagoon? Will he increase investment into carbon capture and storage? Will he back our solar industry and onshore wind, so devastated in the last nine years? Will he set out a credible plan to reach net zero?

10. Will he ask the new Foreign Secretary to prioritise the release of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe? And is he committed to working with European partners to restore the Iran nuclear deal and de-escalate tensions in the Gulf?