Monday 5 November 2018 / 12:01 AM Andy McDonald / Rail

“Catastrophic” effect of rail privatisation revealed 25 years on

Figures released today, the 25th anniversary of the legislation that privatised British Rail receiving Royal Assent, show the full cost of privatisation for both passengers and the taxpayer.

Government direct subsidy of the railways is around £5 billion per year, an increase of over 200% since privatisation

An additional £4.1 billion per year of public money is pumped into the railways as increased debt for Network Rail

Fares across all operators are 20% higher in real terms than they were in January 1995

A peak time single from London to Manchester has gone up by 238%, up from £50 in 1995 to £169 today and a single to Exeter was £37.50 but is now £129.50 – a rise of 245%.


Andy McDonald MP, Labour’s Shadow Transport Secretary, commenting on the catastrophic failure of rail privatisation 25 years on, said:

“Twenty-five years on it’s clear that rail privatisation has been a catastrophic failure, with the taxpayer putting in even more money to the privatised system than when it was nationalised.

“Labour will take our railways into public ownership to improve services and cap fares, running them in the interest of passengers, not for private profit.”