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Empty words on trade transparency from Fox – BarryGardiner

Barry Gardiner MP, Shadow Secretary of State for International Trade, commenting on the revelation that the Department for International Trade has signed agreements with the United States government which seek to block transparency in UK-US trade talks, said:

 “These released letters show that Liam Fox’s promises to provide maximum transparency are empty words devoid of any meaning.

“He promises the country that a future trade deal with the US will not allow reductions in our standards yet at the same time he promises the Americans that documents pertaining to such a deal will be confidential, even where the guidelines for the US-UK trade working group do not require such

“What is the Secretary of State trying to hide from the public?

“The threat of deregulation in the context of a trade deal with the US is a very real one as we saw with the chlorine-washed chicken scandal. Labour is calling for transparency and enhanced parliamentary scrutiny of any future trade deals. Trade agreements are not just about tariffs and barriers to trade, they are about the standards, rules and regulation that determine what kind of society we live in.”








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