Tuesday 29 October 2019 / 5:43 PM Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn responds to reports of the leaked Grenfell Tower Inquiry

Responding to reports of the leaked Grenfell Tower Inquiry phase one report, Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn MP said:

“The publication of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry report should be brought forward to today so there can be an informed debate on this important report. Any recommendations made about the fire service must be given the full response they require.

“I pay tribute to the heroic actions of firefighters in our country every day, including on the night of the Grenfell Tower fire. It wasn’t firefighters who diluted building regulations or put flammable cladding on Grenfell Tower.

“Those who lost their lives that night and their families will continue to suffer injustice, until these real failures are addressed.

“Thousands of people are still at risk because of the government’s failure to remove similar cladding from other tower blocks.

“Given the huge strain on our fire service after years of Tory cuts, the next Labour Government will increase resources going to the fire service and recruit additional firefighters.”