Saturday 17 July 2021 / 12:01 AM Education / Kate Green

Kate Green responds to letter on teacher training reforms

Kate Green MP, Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary, responding to a joint letter from teaching unions and training providers on reforms to initial teacher training, said:

“These reforms will place huge additional burdens on schools and training providers. Instead of rushing them through without proper planning during the school holidays the Government should be fully engaging with the sector to deliver proper support not half-baked ideas.

“Universities are warning that these plans could force them to drop teacher training courses altogether, threatening the future supply of teachers.

“Schools and parents will be understandably alarmed at Gavin Williamson and his failing Department trying to take greater centralised control of training. The Department should be supporting teachers’ professionalism, and focusing on delivering what pupils, teachers and parents need: a proper recovery plan which matches Labour’s ambition to deliver world class teacher training alongside opportunities for children to play, learn and develop post-pandemic.”