Thursday 8 July 2021 / 2:08 PM Keir Starmer / Northern Ireland

Keir Starmer meets with Northern Ireland party leaders at Stormont

Keir Starmer is holding meetings in Belfast this afternoon with the leaderships of all five parties in the Northern Ireland Executive.

This is part of the Labour leader’s two-day visit to Northern Ireland alongside Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary, Lou Haigh.

Across Thursday and Friday, Starmer will also meet with senior police officers at the PSNI, prominent peace campaigners, victims and survivors of the Troubles, and young people at an integrated school.

On the visit, Starmer will renew Labour’s commitment to safeguarding the Good Friday Agreement and warn that Boris Johnson’s current approach risks stability in Northern Ireland.

Speaking ahead of meetings at Stormont with all party leaders in the Northern Ireland Executive, Keir Starmer said:

“The Good Friday Agreement and its promise of peace must never be taken for granted. Returning to Northern Ireland today, I can see how much is still at stake.

“The peace here was built on the trust, courage and commitment of the communities of Northern Ireland and political leaders. I felt that while working here in the years after Good Friday. And it is with those values in mind that I will go into today’s important meetings.

“This morning, I saw the transformation that peace helped bring about at an integrated school in Belfast. I saw the smiles of hope from young people as they look to the future. Whether we are in Westminster or Stormont, as political leaders we owe it to that generation to deliver on the promise of the Good Friday Agreement.

“We must recognise that trust is fragile, and progress is stalling. I understand the concerns of communities and businesses here about the problems with the Northern Ireland Protocol. I’m here to listen and to call for serious, practical solutions.”